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En Plein Air - a day painting in the Peak District National Park

En plein air is French for outside. It is a term often associated with painting. Another way of translating it is 'in full air' and this is the way I prefer to think of painting outside, especially in the Peak District. The landscape is so big, it fills your field of vision, it really does feel like you are in full air.

Being out painting in the Peak District is always a rewarding experience and often a challenge. It certainly is nothing like painting at home or in a studio. In this full-day guided course I'll take you to one of the many places I have found that offer a good variety of views but crucially give shelter from the wind. Throughout the day there'll be time to tackle 2 - 3 paintings. This will allow me to introduce you to some of the many tricks and tips that will help you to catch the ever-changing light and colour of the dynamic Peak District landscape.

By the end of the day you will have hopefully learned some new skills, you should have a nice painting or two and you will certainly have experienced the full air of the Peak District.


Painting days cost £80 per person per day, and include the loan of a field easel.

Painting kits can be purchased for £30 and include acrylic paint, brushes, a palette and 3 different size boards on which to paint. You are of course, welcome to bring your own gear.

To book or for more information please email me here

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