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Leash Fen, Eastern Moors - 10x8inch - £620.jpg

Leash Fen - above, a bleak stretch of moorland in the Peak District National Park.

MELT, a series of watercolour paintings on clay


A-68 was a large tabular iceberg that calved from the Larsen C iceshelf in 2017. The iceberg was so large that if it had run aground off South Georgia Island, as was feared, it would have reduced the salinity of the island’s coastal waters to such a degree that the fragile ecosystems there would not have recovered for decades. I made the images, collectively known as Melt, using as reference satellite images that NASA took as they tracked the iceberg’s course. Four paintings from this series are currently on show at Millennium Galleries, Sheffield. From Sky to Sea: Artists and Water, is a show that consists of works from the museum’s permanent collection including works by Fay Godwin, Simon Starling, Eric Ravilious, Hockney, Turner, Cezanne and a woodcut by Titian not seen on public display for 40 years. 

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